Saturday, October 13, 2018 - Denison Day Agenda

7:00 am     

Early morning tethered hot-air balloon rides ($20/person).  Weather permitting.

9:30 am   

  Sign in & meet the cousins.  Complimentary coffee & pastries.

10:30 am

     The Denison Society Annual Meeting 2018.

12:00 pm

     Catered fall-themed luncheon (roasted root vegetable medley, stuffed chicken breast, baked ham, rice, field greens salad with cranberry vinegarette, and pumpkin cheesecake.

1:00 pm

      Northeastern University Professor Emeritus, Will Holton will provide an insight to what life in Boston was like when the Denisons arrived in 1631.

      2:00 pm      

Author Richard DeLuca will talk about transportation from colonial trails to steam engines and how the changes defined Connecticut and shaped New England.

3:00 pm

Lawn games and house tours.