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Membership in The Denison Society is open to all descendants of William Denison, father of Daniel, Edward and George. We currently have approximately 1,000 members.  Members help support our mission and help us to maintain our Family Homestead.  

    Those not of Denison descent who would like to help support our mission may join Friends of the Denison Homestead.

     To apply for membership in The Denison Society, please complete the membership application as completely as you are able to do so.  We would appreciate, if possible, copies of birth,marriage or death certificates, bible records,census records, and even letters or firsthand accounts from your family.

     Please do not be intimidated by the application process. Becoming a member is easier than you think.  If your parent, grandparent, great grandparent,aunt/uncle or sibling is/was a member of The Denison Society filling out the application should only take a few minutes. Just document the genealogy information that links you to the relative who is/was a member.

     If you do not have a known genealogical connection, first you must determine of the Denison connection is on your maternal or paternal lineage. Fill out the application with as many generations as possible and submit the application with the appropriate fee. Our genealogist will review the information provided and make her recommendation for membership.  

     If you are having difficulty please feel free to contact us as we may have resources to direct you further. While we do not have a professional genealogist, we are willing to assist you in anyway we can to document your lineage to The Denison family.

     Click here for application.

      Please contact us with any questions at  Please mail applications to The Denison Society at PO Box 42 Mystic, CT 06355.