At the Denison Homestead, the year is 1676.  When venturing outside, one must be aware of the snap of a twig, the cry of any owl, the rustling of bushes and the very shadows in the forests at the edge of the fields.  Men are working the land with one hand on the plow and the other on their muskets.  Six tribes under the leadership of Chief Metacom have combined forces and have been destroying frontier towns in an effort to drive out the English settlers.  This uprising was known as King Philip's War and it lasted from 1675-1678.

In an effort to better understand this important event in New England history, the Denison Homestead is hosting for the third year, both Native American and Colonial encampments with a staged battle each afternoon at 1:30pm.

Both camps will be open to visitors each day who will be able to interact with the reenactors and see demonstrations of camp life.  In addition on Saturday, we will be hosting a special presentation from 10:30 am - 11:30 am  on The Cost of Battles Not Fought: War and Rumors of War in Colonial New England.”  Our featured guest speaker  will be Connecticut State Historian Walter Woodward, Ph.D. This presentation will be held in the classroom at the Nature Center across the street from the Homestead. Seating is limited.